Why Choose a Birth Doula?

Continuous Physical, Emotional and Informational Support

It is now widely recognized that choosing to add a labour support person to one’s birth team can yield many positive benefits. A person's memories of their pregnancy and birth experiences last a lifetime and can have powerful effects on their self esteem and confidence. I am committed to helping my clients and their potential partner’s feel empowered and supported as they experience birth. To achieve this, advocacy and informed consent is the foundation of all my doula work. To provide clients with all information surrounding any topic or decision, and to support and encourage them to ask the important questions to help achieve their goals of a healthy, happy labour and baby. 

The Modern Family

While the term woman may be currently used in contracts and certain provided information, I will always strive to respect everyone’s preferred pronouns and preferences. Please do not hesitate to correct me or request adjustments in my language and terminology used. I strongly believe everyone deserves equal and heartfelt support no matter gender, race, orientation or socioeconomic status.

Statistics and Benefits

Studies have shown that when a doula is present, labours are shorter with less complications, babies are healthier and breastfeed more easily. They also have fewer cesareans and requests for medical intervention, and less reports of postpartum depression. There have been NO negative repercussions found from having a continuous labour support person present.