Why Choose a Postpartum Doula?

Newborn Support

After an exhausting and emotional experience of birth, then finally meeting the newest member of your family, bringing home baby can feel incredibly daunting! A postpartum doula can be a source of calmness, knowledge and a priceless extra pair of hands in those first few days or weeks. Whether it be teaching how to bathe baby, helping with feeds, or even simply watching the little ones so the adults can rest or shower; that bit of extra constant support can go a very long way.

Emotional Support

Postpartum Depression is so often not discussed or addressed despite the staggering statistic of 15% of birthing persons being diagnosed on average. This doesn't even include the thousands that go undiagnosed! While a doula is not a therapist, they are trained to notice some of the first signs of PPD and can provide resources and support to both reduce the chances of it occurring and give that extra bit of encouragement to seek help if it does. Don't silently suffer alone.

Bonding Benefits

Bonding with baby is often a source of anxiety many parents face. Bonding becomes exponentially easier when the parents are well rested, prepared with the proper knowledge and tools, and feel like they are surrounded with non judgmental love and support. A postpartum doula will be there to help you embrace those first special moments with your baby with confidence and courage... and hopefully a little extra sleep!

*Please see Contact page for further resources if you feel like you are currently struggling with postpartum depression. If you or someone you love is in immediate danger, always call 911.