Why Choose a Fertility Doula?

Informational Support

One in six people struggle with infertility and there are a vast number of options to choose from. When deciding how to approach fertility struggles, each recourse comes with its own benefits and risks. A doula can be an informational resource and ensure that you understand, in depth, what each option means for you and its effects on both your daily life and long term. 

Physical Support

Don't do it alone! Many forms of fertility treatments can mean numerous doctor appointments and procedures. These visits can become tiresome, frustrating and isolating. A fertility doula can attend these appointments and tests along with you. Let us be a shoulder to lean on during this journey.

Emotional Support

The fertility journey can sometimes be a long and emotionally demanding path. Disappointment, questioning, exhaustion and fear are just a few emotions that are completely normal and expected for one to face. No matter the result and conclusion to your story, your doula will always be within reach through visits, 24/7 phone and texting support and a resource to help guide you. This support is equally as important once infertility has been overcome.